Profile - Bettie Eubanks

Bettie Eubanks spends her creative time between Palm Coast, Florida and Martha's Vineyard. 

As an artist,  Bettie is best known for her passionate color expressions, which exude her love of life and nature.  Inspired by her Vineyard garden and the Florida wetlands, her paintings reflect vitality, earth's natural beauty, and joy through vibrant color and textured media.

Bettie has been a part of the art world since the 70s.  Bringing together her fine art training and love of life, she creates an emotional awakening and joy for everyone that has the pleasure of viewing her paintings.  "Our days are a constant infusion of information and expression ... "art is the unique opportunity to decidedly infuse our souls with joy and possibility", says Eubanks.

Bettie Eubanks received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Jersey City State University and is a graduate of the Newark School of Fine Arts.  During her youth, Bettie was accepted into the gifted young artists program in New Jersey,  where she excelled and honed her natural artistic talent.  Throughout her lifetime, she has received numerous awards and recognition as an artist.  Ms Eubanks received the Art Wellness Award for creating the signature piece for Sisters Network Inc.; a Houston based national breast cancer survivors organization.  Bettie has also been commissioned to create several signature pieces for personal clients, professional advertising materials, and commercial  exhibits. 

Ms Eubanks exhibits her work throughout the East Coast and in her Florida studio by appointment.  Giving back to the community is also very important to Bettie and she shares her love of art through volunteer service projects.  Her most notable community projects are the Urban/Youth Can Paint series and the Art at the Bedside project. 

It is her hope that others will feel the passion with which she paints and enjoy her work as much as she enjoys the process of creating them.